White Water Rafting Tips for Beginners

It’s vacation season again. Again the flavor of fun and frolic is rocking the environs. What was the most exciting activity you took up last time? Hiking? Trekking? Camping? Leave the land and try something exciting on water this time. Did you ever give a try to white water rafting? No? Then, go for it this time. You’ll love it for sure. Being with friends or family in a boat, enjoying a roller-coaster ride on the chest of the most widely spread liquid is exhilarating. Are you fascinated with the idea but feeling skeptical about being a first-timer at it? No worries. Here are some white water rafting tips for beginners, just like you. So, tie them carefully on your finger and relish the thrill and zeal.

White water rafting tips for beginners

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Water Rafting Tips for Beginners

If you are keen to experience rafting, just follow these rafting guidelines for beginners -

  • Be Fit and Fine

Being in the best of health is the prime prerequisite before you set in a rafting boat. There is no fun in heading off for an adventurous voyage when a health issue can trouble you amidst the roaring waters where you can do nothing but face worst situation and be helpless. Consult your doctor prior to setting off if you are suffering from an ailment. For pregnant ladies, there is a big NO.

  • Go for a Quick Training

Several rafting resorts subject the white water rafting novices to a quick training course. It envelops crucial rafting basics. With this course, you can be assured of having a safe and pleasurable first-time water rafting experience.

  • Choose Suitable Clothing

Be comfortable with what you wear. Certainly, you won’t go for that flowing gown paired with pencil heels or a sophisticated suit but dress is something you should carefully choose; especially while entering the wild water domain for the very first time. A pair of shorts and a comfy tee would do just right. Or else, you can put on a special swimsuit. As footwear, ditch your cool flip-flops and wear sandals, preferably hiking ones.

  • Wear Correct Equipment

Never overlook consulting an expert whitewater rafter. He/she can recommend the best kind of gear for a greenhorn. If you can’t swim, let the guide know. Every rafting operator has a special policy for minimum ages, as per the river and difficulty level of rafting. Be equipped with safety gear such as a life jacket and a protective helmet. Choose both the things according to the best of your size. See that they fit well and you need not adjust them in every few minutes. That would be dangerous! Correct equipments promise a rewarding rafting experience.

  • Warm-up

It is a good idea to warm up before starting with the water challenge. If you are not properly warmed-up, you may have hand cramps while paddling.

  • Never Go Alone

Being a first timer, never get into the realm of wild waters all alone, no matter how audacious you are. Let a guide accompany you. This is a wise step, one of the most important rafting tips and ensures you an enjoyable time at daring waters.

  • Sit Correctly

Sit where the guide asks you to. Don’t be seated at the boat’s front or side. It keeps the boat balanced.

  • Paddle

Pay proper attention about using and bringing the paddle. While sitting on the right, grab with your left hand, the paddle’s end of ‘T’ shape and clutch the middle of your paddle stick with your right hand.

  • Rowing

The guide teaches you before you begin with the adventurous fun, various commands to row your boat. The commands include ‘Go’, ‘Forward’ and ‘Backward’.

  • Avoid Needless Risks

Remember, you are not a daredevil. Taking pointless hazards is inane. So, just enjoy your first river rafting voyage and stay far from jumping into dangers. Among the white water rafting tips, this pointer will keep you safer.

  • What to do When the Boat Overturns or Throws You Out?

When high rapids overturn the boat, situation becomes panicky but that’s when you have to keep calm. When the boat overturns and you are trapped upside down, remember that an air gap is there in the boat. Try relieving yourself by diving from behind the boat. Try to keep the rocks from hitting you.

When the boat throws you out, trust your life jacket. Keep your body upwards as if lying on the water. Keep your body according to the river flow. Point your feet downstream; this will help you locate if any rock there is there in front. If you find one, hold it with your feet.

In case of being thrown too far, catch the rope generally thrown by the guide. You will be pulled back to the boat.

White water rafting is an entertaining and challenging water sport. Even if you are a tenderfoot at it and don’t know how to swim, still you can go for it. This makes river rafting a great experience for vacationers. Have you fantasized trying hands on this sport? This is the time to give wings to your fantasy. With the above mentioned white water rafting tips for beginners, you can enjoy every bit of excitement involved in it. Can’t wait to taste this slice of fun? You need not. Just plan a vacation spot housing an inviting river and enter into that flowing mix of hydrogen and oxygen. I will be eagerly waiting to know about your experience. Have fun and do comment :)

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